Browser sometimes showing gray boxes for covers

(I’m running build 29, but I have seen the behavior before.)

Sometimes a browser shows some gray squares instead of covers. These albums have covers when I open up the album. Nothing I do will repair the image in the browser: scrolling, drilling in, switching between large and small covers.

This was in my unidentified list, but I don’t think that is related, I am pretty sure I have seen the behavior elsewhere.

One thing had an impact: I had about 10 gray boxes that wouldn’t fill in; I shut down the app and restarted it, and there are only three.

I have seen exactly the same behavior (in the OS X app), in Build 29 and in previous builds.

Sometimes the artwork shows after restarting Roon (but not always), and sometimes (I’ve noticed this on album pages) if I just let it sit on the page for a while, the art will eventually load (but not always). Yesterday, I increased the setting for the amount of memory devoted to art, but I wasn’t playing around in Roon for long enough after making the change to tell whether it had an effect.


@danny Just FYI, I have not seen this recently.