Browsing albums on Android tablet hangs making Roon unusable

I have two Android tablets, both exhibiting the same behavior. One is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 10.1 and the other is a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. What’s worth noting is that I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone and it does not exhibit this behavior. Nor does it occur on a PC. It is only on tablets. I bought the new S3 in hopes it would resolve this problem as it should have more than enough processing power.

I am able to browse through my artist selection without issues, but when I go into a specific artist and view their albums, Roon hangs. This is not for all artists, only those with a large quantity of albums. I can provide the number of albums if necessary if it would help troubleshoot.

If this is related to displaying album art is it possible to show albums in a list view without the art so that it could allow for browsing through the album titles? Are there any other settings that could allow for fast browsing of albums?

How many albums are under the artist that is having the issue, so I can try and test it.

I’ll have to confirm the exact count when I get home from work, but there are over 1000 albums. This is a collection of live concerts and each concert is an album with about 15-20 tracks per album.

Thanks for looking into this.

Specific to the Samsung Galaxy tablets. These are repeated results.
It takes 5 seconds to load the albums for every artist with about 75 albums or less. Scrolling through the albums is smooth.
It takes 25 seconds to load the albums for the two artists in my library with between 100 and 150 albums. Scrolling through these albums is relatively smooth, with slight stutter.
It takes literally 5 minutes to load the artist with 1558 albums. Scrolling is delayed and heavily stuttered.

Specific to the Samsung Galaxy phone. There is no delay to load the albums for any artist, including the one with 1558 albums. Scrolling for this artist and all others is smooth and effortless.

I wouldn’t mind so much having to use my phone for this one artist, but there is no A-Z scrollbar on the phone. Scrolling through 1558 albums, and even scrolling through a large number of artists without an A-Z scrollbar is another issue.


Were you able to recreate the issue?

@Rugby have you tested this issue?


I’m not surprised your tablet is tripping.

Anyway – let’s flag @support to follow up for you!

Hi John,

Sorry, I had been trying to setup a test as I do not have 1000+ albums under 1 artist. Not sure if what I did constitutes a valid test, but, I took 1 album by an artist and copied it 1100 times giving each version a new name/directory. Even so, when I activated the storage location in Roon it did detect them all as the same album. However, with, show duplicates set to Yes, all 1100 albums under that one artist were displayed.

The end result is that either with a desktop client, Galaxy S7 Edge client, or Samsung Tab S2 9.7, I was able to bring up all the albums either by going to the artist, or focusing on the artist without any delay. The albums were all local to the Server, (on a spinning disk), and the server was an i7 desktop with 16 GB Ram.

Hopefully, @support can add some information including whether or not my test was a valid test.


Am I able to do the same test, by copying an album +1000 times? If so I can test that.
I wonder if the number of different song titles, album titles and other metadata creates relationship complexity that a copy wouldn’t.

What’s odd is that this behavior is only on the Samsung tablets. Phone is ok and PC is ok. It does take a few seconds to load with those devices. But not like with the tablet where it takes 5 minutes to be able to even move the screen. Nothing is accessible during this time and if I’m playing music, the time freezes.

I’ll be borrowing an iPad this Wed. to test that platform.

Thanks for the help.

@support and @Rugby I tested this with an iPad today. It took a few seconds to load, but just like with a Galaxy phone it was able to browse all albums very smoothly.

Clearly there is something wrong with the Roon app for Android tablets. I have a 3rd Galaxy tablet, my wife’s, that I could test with, but I think being able to repeat the same behavior with 2 different model tablets shows there’s an issue. Additionally, the Android tablet app displays a graphical, flashing tear at the edges.

So the last major patch helped things slightly, but not completely. When I drill into album view I’m able to scroll through faster, but there’s still a slight lag. It’s a completely different experience from every other device, including an Android based phone.

I get that it’s a lot of albums, but shouldn’t Roon be able to support a large number of albums, just like artists? And why the performance difference on an Android tablet only?