Browsing creates search or focus with odd sorting

I wish I had a better title for this thread. Let me explain with two examples: I did a search for “Emmylou Harris” and then from the search results page, I scrolled to the Library Albums section and clicked View All. I got the following result:

This is pretty much what I expected to see, though not exactly. At least the first 6 albums in the list have Emmylou Harris as the main artist, although they are not in any discernable order. They are neither cronological or alphabetical. As to the remaining albums after the first six, the ordering appears to be completely random. I’d love to know what logic drives the sorting here.

Out of curiosity, I went to Emmylou Harris’s Artist page. Here, the 6 albums in my collection are correctly sorted in chronological order.

But when I clicked on View All Albums, I got the following result:

Now I see that it has created a Focus on Emmylou Harris with a default sort by Artist. OK, but this creates the anomalous result of the albums by the Focussed artist to be in the middle of the list, and there is no possible sort that would put the albums by Emmylou at the beginning of the list.

I got a similar result searching for Bruce Springsteen, though not exactly the same. Here’s what I got when I searched for Springsteen and then chose the Library Albums and View All:

Note the strange seemingly-random sorting and that there are 34 albums listed.

But when I went to Springsteen’s Artist page and chose View All Albums from the Main Albums section, I got the following:

For some reason, there are only 20 albums listed, not 34. I think the difference is that the remaining albums featured Springsteen as a composer rather than as a performer, but that is not completely clear.

Can someone explain what is going on here?