Browsing for convolution files


I’m wondering about loading convolution files. I wonder why I cannot change them from an iOS phone. I need to use a laptop and select one from the file system of that laptop.

However when I set up my Roon server it was no problem to select my backup using my phone. It just used the file system of the server.

I actually generate my convolution files on that system. Even otherwise I can share to that machine. Also while it isn’t important to me, possibly others may want to store their convolution files on the iOS files app.

Ideally I would be able to ignore my laptop and come home and change convolution filters from my phone. I appreciate that nearly every other feature is accessible on the phone app.

Also regarding the phone app. Please implement the standard Apple UI features of “touch top bar to top” and “left edge swipe to go back”. They are implemented in the system as I understand and should be easy to implement. Please it would be very helpful. Because I need to use a second hand just to go back in the interface. It is not necessary with one small change.

Ideally I would be able to operate this with one hand. As it exists I am not able to.

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