Browsing for High Resolution Recordings

Hello, I have feel I should know this. How do I browse for high Res albums? I stream both Tidal and Qobuz. Thanks, Ken

Assuming those hi-res albums have been added to your library as “favorites,” in the Album browser, click on the “Focus” button (upper left), which will take you to the Focus window overlay. Click on the Format button (you may need to scroll right to see it), then tick the boxes corresponding to the relevant hi-res formats (e.g, 24bit).

You can bookmark this selection so that future hi-re additions to your library will always be added to it (so long as they meet the original selection criteria).


Thanks skimbel87,
I see that. I would like to browse hi-res albums NOT in my library,

Go to Settings > General and turn on ‘Show format information on Album’. This will then show a small icon on the album cover for the format type, either CD (16/44), 24/48 and so on

Thank you! I thought I had done that. :slight_smile:

For Tidal, using Roon:

Click on the “hamburger” on the top left of Roon - the three horizontal lines.

Then, click on TIDAL

On the right you will see New/Recommended/Top 20 and Masters

Masters is the MQA high resolution stuff that you can play. If you subscribe to HiFi as opposed to Premium you should then be able to play high resolution music.

If it’s tagged as MQA then you need the hardware that can process that signal.