Browsing in Roon Remote in Windows 10 is very slow

@support am running Windows 10 Pro N (1703) and running Roon v1.3 build 262. The Machine is an Asus Zenbook with i5 and 4GB RAM. My Roon core runs on an Windows 10 VM. In the remote windows machine, the navigation is borderline atrocious. Almost every time, I get up and get my phone to control Roon. I had this problem for a long time and reinstalled Roon multiple times, the problem does not go away. My first thought was may be my python run time is bad but not sure why rendering and navigation is so horrible. As far as the resources, I have noticed, CPU was at 6% and still a GB left for RAM, while Roon is running. The navigation issues are:
a) at the start up, it would never load all of my playlists with images
b) As it starts up I can not scroll up and down even though the loading seeming to stop
c) When I go to one navigation, either an album or playlist, I can use upper arrows to go back
d) I have to wait for the right click to respond up to 1/2 minute before I can select a song
I can up load the logs.

Please advise at your conveninece.


This happened to me when I moved my core from Win 10 to ROCK, keeping the Win 10 as just a remote. It went from being fast and snappy to atrocious - I’ve given up for now and am using my android devices instead as I don’t really need it. Would be interested in any fixes though - I also have the HD4000 graphics issue and wondered if this may be relevant, though it was fine when acting as a Core/remote on the same box.

So, as per another thread I have installed 32-bit Roon over the top of 64-bit and the Windows 10 problem has vanished. Not sure if this is of any relevance in your setup?

Thank you for the tip. I will try that out.

@dhusky - your suggestion totally worked. Thank you so much!

Great, glad to hear it!