Browsing sometimes vertical sometimes horizontal?

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Browsing - scrolling is sometimes vertical and sometimes horizontal, is there a way to toggle that Roon scrolls vertical all the time ?? (It’s also annoying that there is no consistency in the way Roon presents, in this case.)

Yes, it’s annoying and odd.

No, no toggle.

Roon has historically been horizontal scrolling. Not ideal.
It seems as they introduce new Features (New Releases For You) they are making them vertically scrolling. It is confusing. My read is that this is progress toward a more general User Interface overhaul where vertical scrolling will be more universal. No inside dope or anything, it just makes sense with available observations and public Roon statements.

Oooh well if everything would be horizontal its one thing ,…but now its here and there different ,…for me I hope they will do everywhere vertical scrolling ,… : ) Think of it you open your favorite newspaper and suddenly its scrolling side ways :grinning: Well lets see what happens ,…best would be if its optional ,…

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Yes, it is annoying and confusing.

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