Browsing Tags in ARC

Has anyone found a way to see the Tags? I’ve lot’s of Playlists. To find the saved Daily Mixes I’ve tagged them with “Daily Mix”. Is there a way to filter only those Playlists in ARC? In Roon Mobile it’s possible.

As near as I can figure, tag functionality seems pretty clipped in Arc. Seems to be a second tier under a certain attribute rather than the way they work in Roon proper.

This is disappointing, Tags are a fantastic idea and should be accessible from the menu in ARC, along side “History” which is also missing.


I can’t see any of my own playlists created on Roon core or remote? Can only view imported playlists from music services. Is this correct?

It’s a bit strange tag browsing is not implemented in ARC. It is possible to tag an artist, album or track via drop down menus. So why enable tagging if the tags can’t be listed and recalled?

I use tagging a lot to label new albums I’d like to listen to later and favourite albums I’ve recently discovered and want to revisit.

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Strange, I can see my Roon and Qobuz playlists.

I’m enjoying ARC, but I’ve incorporated audiobooks and podcasts into Roon by using tags for each one. It’s a great way to access them easily without running through an entire search.

But when do most people listen to podcasts and audiobooks? When they’re commuting, driving, or doing chores, mostly out of home network range. In other words, exactly when you’d be using Roon ARC.

Maybe this could be added to the next update of ARC?

(I know, I know. Poor Roon folks - they do all this work and all the members want Is MORE!)

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