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Is it possible to make the “Sorted by Album Title” static when browsing through my artists? Or do I need to select that each time I click an artist? Im somewhat new, thanks in advance for your help.

Anyone have any ideas?

It seems that Roon doesn’t remember that choice in between. :thinking:

Can someone move this thread to request features?

I think it’s already there, I requested ages back but it will do no harm to remind


I’m not sure if it’s a feature request or a bug – or just an oversight (which is a bug :wink:). Because:

A manual focus on a non-default sorted album browser view will not reset the current sort order. Why then does a programmatic focus on the album browser view default to Sorted by Artist?

Then I think we need to keep reminding them. For me it’s pretty annoying. And when friends search my library they always comment why albums seem to come up randomly under Artists. I have to explain everytime. Hopefully in the future we will have the choice to set it as a default!

The default sort order isn’t random but by Original Release Date as it’s on (Roon’s) record. That’s not unreasonable for a default value I think.

But when one changes from the default value that change should stick.

Sort by Artist makes no sense when you have selected an Artist !!

In theory they should always be the same artist


Yeah, but then the second order sort comes into play which is - as I said - by original release date.

Roon is really Album based, so sort by Album Name especially for classical makes most sense, especially on the Composer view, another feature request …

I think this is getting off topic to my original post.
I want to choose a default when I click on an artist. Not have all albums always sort by release date.

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Hey @Daniel_l - just so I understand the request:

Are you looking for a different sort when you go to an Artist page and click View All Albums? Or on the Artist page itself?

Artist page>view all albums
I would like a static display. I choose alphabetical order but have to click that every time.
Thanks for letting me clarify.

If I could clarify

Select an artist then View All Albums , choose Sort order

Repeat the sort order I chose isn’t saved so you have to deselect , I believe the request is to save a set of selections for a specific action like this as a “favorite”

Just to minimize keyboard actions each time you repeat



That is exactly right. You explained it much better than I.
Thank you!!!

Thanks Daniel.

There’s a concept in Roon where you “reset” the browser back to normal – this happens in a few circumstances, like when you click “reset” to view all your albums.

To give you what you want here, I think we’d need to add an option in Settings, something like “Default Album Browser Sort”, which would let you pick the default order the browser uses.

If that sounds right, it would be great if you could chime in on @Mike_O_Neill’s feature request with any additional details, so we can track interest in this change. I can’t make any commitments about us adding this option, but we do keep tabs on feature requests and getting some traffic into that particular request would be a really good start.

Thanks for the clarification and the feedback @Daniel_l!