Bruce Springsteen- Live archives & Nugs

Hi all,

Deliberating on whether to get the download or CD of a couple of shows.

Do these downloads come with the cover art/pdf booklet of the CD?


The downloads come with a jpg of the front cover, the one you can see on their website. No backcover or booklet.

The standard CDs are CDRs not factory pressed CDs. One of the few exceptions to that rule was the 1978 tour box. The first pressings of these were factory pressed CDs.

The packaging is an ECO pack, made of recycled strong cardboard stuff. The artwork is a sticker that’s wrapped around the cover with the artwork on the front, printing on the spine and track listing on the back.

For me it really doesn’t make any sense to buy the CDs. I purchase the downloads and burn them to CDR myself if I need a physical copy.

But the shows are great!

Like Dirk I have a number of these, but bought them all digital.
I see some of the other show’s I have bought there are available in high resolution up to 24/192 but the Springsteen show’s are all 16/44 or mp3.

Still they are excellent show’s, though I seem to remember some file naming issues with some early purchases, but thankfully Mp3tag fixed that with a rename process.
If you buy them digitally you will not be disappointed

Many thanks both!

Will go with the download option.

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If you don’t already have it go for: “1978‐09‐19: Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, USA”.

Said to be his best show ever…and it is pretty special. There is also one from the following night.


Thanks @David_Boyd! Will check it out!

Get your hands on this: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band August 9, 1978, The Agora, Cleveland, OH | Live Bruce Springsteen Concert CDs & Downloads
You won’t be disappointed…


Translate for the uninformed please :pray:t4:

Thanks Joel, there’s so much out there but that one isn’t for me :+1:t4: