Bruce Springsteen Western Stars - Not showing in Tidal section in Roon

(Jonas) #1

Odd. My Roon still doesnt show Bruce’s new album in the Tidal section. This morning I went in to the Tidal app and made it a favorite but it doesn’t show in the overview. Later additions are there. Roon’s Tidal still doesn’t show it, eight hours after release. Irritating😡

Tidal download not showing in Roon
(Steve B) #4

I’ve also added this album and forced a Tidal sync but still will not show. Very strange!

(Charles Turner) #5

Same here. Only the Qobuz version shows up.

(Sam Smith) #6

I thought it was me being stupid. Strange as you can easily find the Album on Tidal.

(Paul) #7

Same here. BluOS app finds it via Tidal, Lightning DS app finds it via Tidal, Roon will not.

(Sam Smith) #8

This is a high profile release so seems odd. Makes you wonder how many other artists/album don’t appear via Tidal.

(Hartmut Berg) #9

It seems that other software is better than Roon. Lightning DS not show such issues. One can think of the money to pay for Roon considering such behaviour.

(Michael Fanning) #10

It just showed up in the Tidal new album section on my Roon feed…

(Andrew Cox) #11

Also available in Qobuz 96kHz 24 bit.

These threads seem to pop up whenever a new release by a major artist comes out. Although the time for database reconciliation has improved, Roon users simply shouldn’t expect to see streaming material first in Roon. The databases reconcile on a schedule, not in real time.

If seeing new releases asap is important to you then the Tidal and Qobuz apps will often have it quicker than Roon.

(Hartmut Berg) #12

Hi, why can I not find Western Stars in Roon? It is available in Tidal. I have it there marked to my favourites. It is not shown either in Roon‘s search for Springsteen nor in Roon’s favourites.

(Hartmut Berg) #14

You are right. Thank you. Thanks to Roon also for listing this first league album only after massive requests by their customers.

(Michael Fanning) #15

It’s just a timing issue, I think. Not sure why the Roon server didn’t synch this album with the other new albums on Tidal on Friday. The good news is that it’s there now! :grinning:

(Ged) #16

They come across on a timing synchronization of the databases, nothing to do with user messages.

(Hartmut Berg) #17

I think that Roon should not just tell their customers what they should not expect from a software which costs a hundred euros a year but improve their software in a manner other software developers have done. Lightning DS has not such issues and costs nothing.

(Ged) #18

They do. From the roon Knowledge Base.

Why aren’t the latest albums on TIDAL available in Roon?

When you’re browsing TIDAL in Roon, you’re seeing Roon’s TIDAL database, not a direct pass through of what’s shown on TIDAL – that’s why there’s so much more metadata, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, credits, etc.

This is also why Roon can sometimes be slightly behind TIDAL when a brand new release comes out – our database is generated multiple times per week, but sometimes a new album will just barely miss the cutoff, and will show up in a day or two.

(Rob Higginson) #19

I’ve downloaded Springsteen’s new album, Western Stars, on Tidal but it won’t show up on Roon, why?


Downloaded ? You can’t download from Tidal in Roon do you mean added as a favourite and it’s not showing up?