Bruckner: Symphonie No. 9 on DG - Cover / Meta mismatch

This particular recording of Bruckner’s 9th on DG is part of the Wiener Philharmoniker 175th series box set. Guilin is indeed the conductor but the Roon metadata credits the Vienna Philharmonic for the performance.

Screen shots are always useful when reporting metadata errors. They can give useful clues.

Assuming the box is otherwise correctly identified and filled with metadata, you should simply edit this. Your edit may benefit others in the future.


Hi Scott. If I know what you think the album should be and what Roon is saying it is, I can check the source metadata. On a few occasions, we’ve mixed up recordings of the same composition. Not saying that’s the case here, but I’d like to rule it out or correct it if necessary.


Embarrassingly enough, I realized that Wiener and Vienna are the same thing. I’ve been listening to classical for years thinking they were completely different entitities.

There are a number of older 1970-1978 albums from the Wiener Philharmoniker 175th Anniversary box that I can’t get matched up in the Roon databaase. I’ll compile details and get that across.

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