Bryson BDP-1USB DoP?

I’m taking a Chord Qutest out for a little run - but I’m not being offered any DoP options - my research suggested the Bryston was DoP capable, but is this not correct? @support

Hi Malcolm,

Very Best source of technical info for Bryston specific products is Chris Rice (unincognito) on the site: Bryston product thread. He develops the software for the BDP product line amongst other things.

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Thanks. It dawned on me to post my question there too. Needs to be some clarity on these things somewhere as all my reading about it has been buried in forum posts and news stories and reviews. Bryston never re-wrote the product manual when they dropped the Roon Ready update.

If I can add to @support why I’m posting here is in case there’s some kind of mis-reporting of these uinits capabilities somewhere? The Chord is DoP capable (and it was playing that way from the PC yesterday evening) and, as I say my research on the Bryston says it is. I’ve dropped a DSD album on to a USB stick to try playing in the Bryston. (This of course doesn’t guarantee that they’ve been able to enable DoP in Roon Ready mode.)

Bryston now playing DSD/DoP from a USB stick on the front (i.e not in Roon).

Hello @Malcolm_Percival,

In Roon, navigate to Settings and then open the Audio tab. Next to your BDP-1 zone, there will be a button with the letter i, click it and open the “configure device” page. This will bring you to the Roon Ready settings for the BDP-1. Make sure you have software volume disabled and DOP enabled.


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Thank you @john - feeling foolish to have missed this. Playing beautifully now in DSD. Happy bunny. :sunglasses:


Malcolm, glad you posted this. I was having some trouble with Bryston Volume control and this answered my question too. Thank you.

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