Bryston BDA-3 Mac Mini only play 44.1

Hello @Michael_Mellen,

Can you please provide a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Audio Tab? It should look something like this:

You can upload screenshots to community using these instructions (

Information for enabling zones can be found here ( and selecting the zone can be done using these instructions (

I would make sure that the Bryston Zone is enabled in the Audio tab and then after it is enabled, select it as a zone using the Zone instructions to play directly to it.

If you have two zones grouped, I would click the “Group Zones” button in the sidebar and unlink them just to make sure that you are outputting to the correct zone and not to “System Output”:


I’m now out of the country for work, and won’t return until Friday.

so I got those pictures on there, let me know if there are any more that you need?

Hello @Michael_Mellen,

The last screenshot you have sent is the “Zone Picker”. In the Zone Picker menu, click on the “Bryston DAC” zone so that it is highlighted in blue. Then, click to the gray area to the side of the menu to dismiss it. Attempt playback of a track, the green light shown next to the song title should now be white or purple indicating bit-perfect playback.


there is no gray area to the side anywhere on the screen.

When the DAC is highlighted there is no command allowed, and nothing will play. The Bryston DAC is passive, there is no “Play” button, it simple outputs whatever the input is through the selected output

Hello @Michael_Mellen,

I have included a short video on how to enter and exit the zone picker.

When you see the screen with “Nothing Playing” on it, click the back button near the top left of the screen, or the ‘v’ button in the center of the now playing bar.


Yeah, I did that. the Bryston Dac does not accept any commands when highlighted. As I said, it is a passive DAC. If something is being played it’s outputting it through the selected output. When highlighted, as in the last 2 pictures there is no output, nothing playing, as the picutures say

Ok, thanks, I was able to get it work after going completely in and out. But man, I have to tell you, this is one of the furthest things from plug and play I’ve ever experienced. The interface is amazing, and the sound quality is excellent, but the set up in not easy or straight forward.

Thanks for your help though, very professional

Hello @Michael_Mellen,

That’s what we’re here for, enjoy the music :headphones:.


hard to see the DAC but it’s locked in on 192 khz v cool