Bryston BDA-3 with Ultra or Micro?

I have used a Allo USBridge sig with a RME ADI-2 Dac then sold both. USBridge did lots of popping, crackling and loosing sync. Enter the Bryston BDA-3 which was used with a PC and had same problems with USBridge sig. (The RME was fine with PC as well). Was going to wait for the Bryston BR-20 but that’s looking like it will be awhile with AKM fire.

So decided to buy an Allo Digione sig to use Bryston BDA-3 which was an improvement over the PC much better over all but suddenly have a problem with it just stopping playback via BNC SPDIF once or twice a day. Didn’t much like answer from Allo support so am here. (several OS’s tried).
FYI I used the USB on Pi4 connected to DigiOne sig and no drop out or stopping for days. Both the clean and dirty side on Digione sig is powered by a R-Core based LPS from a Chinese shop. Blows away iFi and Shanti power supplies with the Digione. Yet the Shanti shines with the wifes Allo Katana!

What I would like to confirm is does the Ultra or Micro play back DSD using the Native mode while connected USB to BDA-3? Cleanly no popping or clicking using Roon.

Lets assume my 3b squared and Paradigm Studio 100 v3 can discern the differences.

I will start with a SGC LPS for power for whichever of the Rendu’s I buy. (Suddenly not sure reading intense heat) so open to suggestions.

Do own HQPlayer but since having RME and now Bryston don’t find much use for it anymore.

Trying to squeeze every bit of SQ out of my setup.

Thanks for your time.

Native DSD should bot be an issue with that DAC. We sell good power supplies for use with our gear so purchase with confidence.

In researching your devices I see they are expensive. Especially for a Canadian but thats fine you get what you pay for.
Am I reading correctly that software updates have to be purchased? Seems odd in this day of high speed internet an iso can’t be provided to use a free tool like Balena Etcher to burn to a micro sd card…
Happy New Year

I think you will like it:) If you buy a Rendu new from us you will get the latest version of the operating system. Then minor updates are done through the web interface for free. Any major updates are typically done with a new micro SD card.