Bryston BDA3 DAC DSD256 files played as DSD128

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

macOS Mojave, MacBook Air 2017. Current Roon build downloaded on May 3, 2019.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Not using WiFi or Ethernet

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Description Of Issue

Currently using Roon under 14 day trial (clock ticking). Abandoned Amarra Luxe today when Sonic Studios said they will not implement DOP as planned and promised for this product saying there is no market for DSD. So they will continue to convert DSD files to PCM for this product long term.
My Roon issue is that DSD256 files are being presented/ played on the Bryston DAC as DSD 2x (DSD128) rather than DSD 4x (DSD256), concluded by the LEDS lit on the DAC.

In my Roon installation under Device setup -DSD strategy, I have chosen:DSD over PCM, V1. I would think I wanted to chose Native but it is not in the drop down list as the online documentation shows it.
Under Max DSD sampling rate the documentation shows drop down options for disable, up to DSD64, up to DSD128, up to DSD256 . However my installation only shows disable, up to DSD64, up to DSD128. Their is no up to DSD256 in the drop down menu.


-why are my DSD256 files being played as DSD128?

-Does DSD over PCM v1 support DSD256 or is it limited to DSD128 and below?

-Why is Native not showing in the drop down list for DSD strategy? Is that relative to my problem?

Why isn’t ‘up to DSD256 ‘ available in the drop down for Max DSD sampling rate?

Appreciate the help in resolving this and becoming a life member.

MacOS can only do DOP.

DSD256 DOP requires PCM 768 to deliver it. Is the BDA3 a 768 PCM capable DAC?

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Thanks for the response Jeff.
I’m catching on,
Two lines from the Bryston spec:
• PCM up to 384 kHz/32 Bit
• DSD up to DSDx4 (DSD256) native or DoP up to DSD 128
So if MAC can only do DoP and the Bryston over DOP is limited to DSD128 is Window OS my solution to play DSD256 Native?

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Yes, unless there is a confirmed linux streamer that works Direct DSD with the BDA3’s USB chipset.

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Thanks for taking the time to sort me through this Jeff!! might be an option #audio-products look for ropieee

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