Bryston BDP-1 Locking Up

I have two Bryston BDP-1s that I’m using with Roon, and both are locking up or hanging from time to time. They become unresponsive even at the front panel and must be power-cycled. After a power cycle, the BDP must be added back as a new zone to regain Roon functionality, and in one case the Roon service had to be restarted first. Roon apparently forgets that it was previously connected to this BDP-1.

It seems like this happens after some number of hours of Roon playing. So if I play more Roon music, it happens more often. However, the lock-up sometimes occurs when nothing is playing.

Have any other BDP owners experienced this?

The BDPs are running FW S2.32 2017-02-13.

My Roon core is version 1.3, build 223 running on a networked Mac Mini (OS X 10.12.4.).

I have not experienced this behavior. Roon (and MPD) playback has been rock solid for me.

I see you are running the last, officially released version. You should consider running the latest BETA release, as Bryston has updated the Roon code in the BDPs.

With the updated RAAT app on the BDP-1, I’ve experienced significant sound improvement (others have noted this on AudioCircle, as well).

Thanks very much for the the commendation. I’ll update one of my BDP-1s to the latest 2.33 Beta and see how it goes.

No issues with my BDP. As Krutsch suggested, download the beta firmware. You can always reset in the general release if you have issues.

Thanks for the beta suggestion, guys. I’ve had no more trouble since upgrading to S2.33 2017-04-07.

Not only is this beta FW more stable with Roon/RAAT, I think it sounds better than the very old FW I was running before. An unexpected benefit. Maybe jitter has been improved?

I note there are now newer beta FW versions…if anyone is still listening to this thread let me know what policy you follow for upgrading to newer betas, and the level of stability you have encountered generally.

I have S2.33 2017-5-10 loaded up. If my BDP-1 works fine, I don’t engage every upgrade. If you want to try to find out specifics of the upgrade, I’d visit the Bryston thread regarding Manic Moose.

I have been aggressive about downloading each new BETA upgrade, since I am interested in the changes Bryston is making to their Manic Moose UI. It’s getting better, but has a long way to go, IMO.

I have had no issues with stability, so I think it’s safe to upgrade when Bryston releases a new BETA.

My Roon subscription runs out next month and I am still on the fence about renewing - not sure I want to have spent $300.00 on a media player UI (my third year). I am really waiting/hopeful to see MQA unfolding from TIDAL in Roon before I decide. Otherwise, I am back to Audirvana on the road and Bryston Manic Moose + Soundirok at home.

I didn’t know about Soundirok, so thanks for that too. Before Roon I was using my own IOS MPD client app. I built a lot of Roon-ish features into this app, like the ability to easily do a browser search for AllMusic artist/album/etc and the ability to easily search for track lyrics. That’s all much better integrated in Roon than in my app, so I’m seriously considering abandoning my home-grown app for Roon. I also await Roon MQA support and if it works well that could be the clincher.

I can’t discover the bdp-1. I tried putting in my IP address. I can see on the bdp-1 that it’s roon ready.

I haven’t had this problem; all my networked devices show up in Preferences->Audio where they can be enabled.

Do you see “System Output” for some non-core PC? Can you play music to it?

verify the IP address on the BDP-1 screen. They’ve been known to switch IP addresses.

I found it. The UI in Roon scrolls down so a lot is hidden from you. I scrolled down and I found the BDP-1 link and enabled it. Thanks to Mike and rrw for help.