Buchardt Audio a500 Chromecast problems

I have some problems streaming from Roon to my Buchardt Audio A500 active speakers with the Audio Hub. Just an observation it looks like the same hardware that System Audio uses.

It supports Chromecast and is not Roon certified yet unfortunately. I must press pause and then play to begin streaming. Same thing (but not always) when the next in queue begins.

Any thought about this issue?

Can you chromecast to it successfully from any other devices? How do they perform?

I don’t have any other chromecast enabled devices :frowning:

Under the hood it’s a: Hansong(Nanjing) Technology LTD Stereo_Hub

I dont know what happened but it seems to be working now out of the blue

I have the same problem!

My connection to keeps dropping and sometimes I have to press on the play button, sometimes it plays after a pause of 1 or 3 sec…

The problem comes back once in a while. Sometimes it works for hours and other days it’s every single time. I don’t know if it’s a Roon problem? Spotify Connect works every time

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Today is my first day with A500… It was irritating when I the playback kept pausing, from last hour or so there is no issue…