Buddy Holly only shows as a "Composer"

Just did a search for Buddy Holly, and the only page that came up was as a Composer, which drastically limits the usefulness. I can find his Performer page by doing some gymnastics (finding Buddy Holly & the Crickets page, then clicking on “Similar to Buddy Holly” at the bottom).

When on his Performer page, there’s a toggle on the right between Performer and Composer, but when you switch it to Composer, the toggle disappears. So when on his Composer page, there’s no easy way to get to his Performer page! Shouldn’t the toggle appear on both Performer and Composer pages?

Am I crazy? I haven’t experienced this with any other artists before. Why would it default to his Composer page in the first place?

hmm. I don’t get that same result. The Performer/Composer toggle remains on both pages.

Might want to involve support if it keeps doing it. Reboot the server first just to narrow the possibilities.

Weird. I rebooted, same thing. Here are the two screenshots, first as composer, then as performer. Note the toggle is not on the composer page. Also, when on the composer page, for some reason I can’t click on “Member of Buddy Holly & the Crickets” - nothing happens. I have to re-search for Buddy Holly, then click on Buddy Holly & the Crickets, then on “Similar to Buddy Holly” to get to his performer page.

This definitely goes in your WTF pile. If there are more out there, I’d give it to support for investigation.

This continues to be an issue for me. Check out what happens when I search for Loretta Lynn. Keep in mind, I’m trying to find her performer page on Tidal (I don’t have anything of hers in my library currently).

No problem, I click on the top result:

Note how it’s only showing her Composer page, probably because I do have one composition of hers in my library (from Elvis Costello). No option anywhere to switch to her Performer page. If I click on the TIDAL tab at the bottom, I get a list of all her compositions, not a page of her Albums, which is what I want. Super annoying.

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Yep its a known bug they are working on. It came up for me this week with Julian Cope it is very annoying,