Budget DAC recommendation?

So I’m using a Topping D50s and Roon and my Mac keep fighting with it, and Roon keeps losing communication with it. I’m tired of rebooting, and want to just replace it already. Any reccomendations? Bonus points for DACs that show the bitrate :slight_smile: but I guess that’s just me.

Thanks All!!!

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What price range is budget to you?

Say up to $250

I won’t be able to help with that. I didn’t even know there are DACs for $250. Sorry.

Have a loke at Topping :+1: or Schiit Modi+

Are you using it with a streamer or directly attached to the Mac? The D50s should be fine, but maybe adding a Raspberry Pi based network device could help in your situation.

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I have an ifi Zen One Sugnature abd it sounds pretty good to me. Does MQA as well

I have had good luck with the Schiit DACs.
Modi+, Modius, Bifrost, Yggdrasil (the last two are above your budget).

Modius would be right there price wise (no bitrate display :frowning: ):

iFi Audio is another good option

SMSL as well.

Thanks all. Has anyone used an SMSL with a Mac as a control unit?

Why? This is concerning, why would any other USB DAC be different? Does the Mac lose connection with it, or just Roon?


Exactly, the Topping should work fine, I think the problem has other causes.


Not sure why. Power is steady–it’s always on. For some reason, though, the D50s randomly loses communication with Roon, and the only solution is a reboot. So, not sure if any other DAC would be different but I’m willing to try!

Do you use the Topping’s power supply or does it get power via USB?

Topping doesn’t have one. It’s usb. I’m running to a powered USB hub. I can tell from the indicator lights on the screen the Topping is always on.

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Hmmm. Then I’m not a Topping expert enough…
I use a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital, but it’s a bit above your budget. It works very reliably for me.


To be specific: if I have the D50s set for “exclusive” mode, then Roon won’t see it if I, say, play a YouTube video. If I use in nonexclusive mode, no problem. WTH?

Yes, so if you set Roon to play an audio source exclusively then it will take full control of that audio port and will not pass-through other audio. This is for audio performance, and I definitely notice a difference with it turned on.

The issue you are having sounds like a glitch in the matrix :joy: But seriously, it sounds like it’s either a port on the board issue (whatever USB port you use, try using a different one if possible). Or it could be a device issue with the USB cord.

Are you able to test this DAC on something other than the MacBook?

I really have nothing else to test DAC on. I’ll try switching the USB. Freakin’ matrix…

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I like the Pro-Ject S2. I would upgrade the power supply with IFI. Check the power reqs to match before ordering the IFI

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