Buffer Setting Grayed Out

I am experiencing intermittent crackles and pops when using HQP with RoonServer and wanted to adjust the buffer within HQP but that is grayed out. I am going from my Mac Pro to a Marantz NA8005 via USB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

In MacOS the buffer is grayed out because is managed by OS directly.
What are your HQP settings when you get crackles and pops?

Attached is a screenshot of my settings… Please note that since my NA8005 is not turned on, it is not showing under devices. The noises I hear also show when HQP is upsampling to a higher rate of PCM as well. Thanks again for your help.

If you do not have a quad core cpu, remove Pipeline SDM.
Perhaps @jussi_laako will suggest something for MacOS, in the meantime please try to use another USB cable to confirm the problem. A printer cable is fine for testing.