Buffering and dropping at higher resolution

Hi, I’m new to Roon and it’s working great, but having issues with buffering and then skipping to the next track. It happens only on tracks with resolution higher than 16/44.1.
My set-up is pretty basic right now with a 2012 mac mini (i5 and SSD). Using Ethernet to the mac and USB to a Yamaha 801’s internal dac. Remote is an iPad pro.
I live in rural Alaska so using DSL, which is likely my problem. Download speed is usually in the 3.0-3.5 Mbps range using an Orbi router.
I’m not that savvy, but changed the settings to max sample rate 48 kHz and Max Bits 16 and switched to Maximum buffer size. It still buffers if the original source is higher resolution and it downsamples to 16/44.1 (as shown in the signal path). This isn’t a problem if I just want to play an album and pick the CD version, but when playing a mix it doesn’t work well. I am not using my library currently, so this is all just streaming through Qobuz and Tidal. For now I wouldn’t mind just listening to all CD quality if that was an option on mixes and roon radio. Thanks for any help!

Maybe I’m not understanding what you are trying to do, but isn’t the setting you want under Services → Qobuz → Streaming Quality ?

You don’t want Qobuz to send you a Hi-rez stream that you then downsample. You want them to send you a stream with a max sample rate of 48kHz.

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Thank You Jacques! I wasn’t looking there. I’ll work on my internet situation to get higher resolution in the future but this should work for now. Have a great day!

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There’s a lot of settings in roon so if you have any more problems, always ask!

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