Bug 1.8 - 778: Recording Start and End Dates can not be edited when fields are empty [Ticket in]

I experience the exact same problem on many different albums. If the fields are empty, they cannot be edited. If the fields contain something, they are editable

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@dylan, next one for your “QA” team.


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I can confirm this too.

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@support , it should‘nt take long to verify this. Any news?

I confirm this issue exactly as described by bbrip with one small amendment: it is possible to edit recording dates on a track by track basis but impossible in batch, what at the end makes near impossible to edit any disc.

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Hi @bbrip,

Thanks for raising awareness about this - and sorry about the trouble. Thanks @Weirdomusic, @Andre_Gosselin and @Juan_Piedrola for chiming in.

I’ve notified our team about your findings. We’ll follow up as soon as we have any insight to share :slight_smile:


Just updated to version 783. The problem is still here - impossible to edit dates in batch… Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update.

On Mac and iPad device I am not able to edit recording dates when editing tracks. The fields for from/to dates cannot be used. In single track mode it does work.

With the latest update I’m not able anymore to edit those fields.
Is it a bug?


To be more precise on a single track I can still do it but if I select two or more tracks (e.g. a piano concerto in three movements) that’s impossible to add year\month\day.

Can you look into it?

How are you doing it ?

I selected an Album and set the Recording Start to May 1993

Then I selected 2 Tracks with the Click Box on the far left of the Name , Three Dots > Edit and adjusted the date



You can see the original May 1993

Hi Mike,

I’m referring to the track date not the album date.
You can’t do it with the track editor. It looks to me you’re using the album editor.


Yes I was , I’ll try the track editor , I don’t use it often

Still seems to work , I picked the same Album, select one track OK, Edited that track plus the next one


seemed to work ? This is edited , saved and reloaded

I just wanna edit the field for these three tracks (not the entire album, nor the single track).
I’m still non able to edit those fields and I’m trying with different tracks.

There is already a support thread regarding this issue:

It would be good if you could add your voices in that thread in order to keep that discussion bundeled in one place and give the issue more visibility. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve merged the topics.

Since last updating to build 778, I cannot edit tracks metadata related to:

  • Initial recording date

  • Final recording date

I have no problem editing any other field

I have the same problem. It turns out to be either the start date or the end date is set to “0” by Roon, so you cannot edit in batch (edit of a single track is possible). It’s really annoying since it was not an issue in the older versions. Hope this can be corrected soon.

Thank you, you’re right: I can edit the start and end dates of a single track: really annoying not to be able to do it in batch.
Hoping that Roon is aware of this glitch.

This is now fixed in B790. Thanks Roon :grinning:

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