BUG 1.8: Edit-Button in Compositions Browser has gone missing

Due to incomplete Metadata, many Compositions do not show Period, Form or Composition Dates information, resp. show wrong information here.

In Version 1.7 you could select a large number of compositions in the Compositions Browser at once and and enter/correct the missing - as an example - “Period” information.

This possibility has suddenly disappeared in Version 1.8. As can be seen on the second screen print, there is no edit button on the 3-dot menu where it used to be.

Probably an oversight. I’d be grateful if you could investigate and fix.


That’s odd - the Composition Editor is still present and working in my version of 1.8 (build 778 - on Windows 10 client and Windows 10 Roon Server)…

Hold on - it seems that it is not present for batch editing (more than one Composition selected). I think you’re right - batch editing was certainly possible in 1.7.

Another item for the fix list, I think.

You are on individual composition. i am talking mass changes. Maybe you want to read my post again :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, I see you have :rofl::rofl::rofl: