BUG 1.8: Incorrect Track Count at Album Level Focus

This was mentioned before somewhere (was it @tripleCrotchet ?) but I could not find any bug report on it, so I put it on record here:

The track count in Focus at an album level is incorrect. See attached example. The Composition in question has 5 movements, but Roon reports 6! I assume it counts the composition itself as the 6th track? I get this error pretty consistantly. I’d be grateful if you could check / correct this one:

@Nima_Pourkarimi , do you get these track count issues as well? Maybe you could cast your eagle eyes over this one as well :grinning:

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Yes and I think that’s a bug and needs to be fixed in the next update. Focus counts the amount of the actual play buttons instead of the tracks. :grinning:

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yep, thats what I think it does. Thanks for checking :+1:

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it also counts sections if present…

I had reported it during the beta phase but it is not transparent to me whether it lead to a support ticket.

A quick count against an opera (Butterfly, Sinopoli) confirms:

  • 34 tracks in recording
  • Roon reports 38 tracks
  • thats 34 + 3 (acts) + 1 (composition)

So, yes, it also counts sections. @support can you pls confirm a ticket is in on this one? thks.

Thank you very much. This has been fixed in release 778. Case can be closed.