Bug 1.8: Not all artists are visible

I don’t know if it has already been reported but when there are many artists in an album, Roon hides them excluding the possibility of selecting them

Hello @Daniele_Piancastelli ,

Apologies for the delay here, it looks like we missed your message among the 1.8 feedback. We recently released a Roon update this week, are you still seeing this issue on the new build of Roon? If so, just let us know and we can take another look here, thanks!

nothing has changed

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Hi @Daniele_Piancastelli,

Thanks for letting us know that the issue is still existing. Can you please confirm if this issue occurs on one Roon Remote in particular or on multiple remotes? We have attempted to add multiple artists to this album, but they all show up as expected and are click-able:

I confirm that the problem persists. On both windows 10 and android (both have the latest roon build)

Windows 10