BUG 1.8. Sorting Albums in Library by “Recording Date” no longer works as expected

**** I posted this more than 2 weeks ago. It got closed but it is not at all solved, so I repost again here. Don‘t close issues that have not been adressed. Very bad habit!! ***

There are quite a number of recordings where the exact recording date is not known resp. not documented. Or in other cases it is just not tagged / provided by the metadata source.

In Roon 1.7, the following logic was applied when sorting Albums by Recording Date:
When recording date is filled, use that, if not, use “Original Release Date”, if that is empty, use “Release date”. That was making a lot of sense as albums where meaningfully sorted with release date as approximation for recording date.

In Roon 1.8 that logic has gone missing / is broken. Any Albums not having Recording Date in the Tags get just dumped to the bottom of the list.

If required I can add a screen print but I guess this can easily be reproduced.

Many thanks for investigating & fixing.




I think your original topic was closed as topics on the support forum automatically get closed if there isn’t a new post within 14 days of the last post.

Roon should remove this automatic handling of support topics.


Seems to be a ‚feature‘ to keep the bug list shorter than it really is. Will check tomorrow which other of my reports have died a silent death :slightly_frowning_face:


Bump. Still not fixed. Anyone looking at this?