BUG: Can't add Tag after adding album from Queue

Roon Core Machine

NUC 10 i3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Latest version of Roon client on Windows 11

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

13,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Not sure where you want bugs filed but if you add an album from the Queue you can’t add tags. Closing the dialog, reopening, playing a different track, etc. doesn’t help. You have to go to the album view and tag it from there. What’s crazy is you can open the dialog for another track from the album you just added and the tag button is enabled. It’s just caching it for the track you added the album for. This repos for me with several different albums & tracks.

It’s very annoying :frowning:

Not sure why 2 pictures got uploaded…

You just can’t add tags to content from Tidal or Qobuz:

This is now content from your library - and no longer directly from Tidal or Qobuz. Here you can like or add to tags. This is just how Roon currently works (and not considered a bug). If you wish an improvement, don’t hesitate to add your vote to the corresponding feature suggestion.

I’m not adding to Tidal. I’ve added the album to my library. I would expect that once I’ve added the album to my library I can tag it but I can’t if its already in the queue. I have to find the album in my library and add the tag there. If the album is already in my library when I add it to the queue it works fine. This is a bug not a feature suggestion.

Content from Tidal or Qobuz is distinct from content from your library. The album in the queue is still the one from Tidal that you added there, that’s why you can’t tag it. Adding it to the library does not change the album in the queue.

What you describe, variants and variations of it have been reported many times before. An explanation of the current facts and the hint to the feature suggestion is likely the best you can get in this case.


You may not like the way it works, nobody does, but that IS the way it works. There are many feature requests to change this behaviour, add your vote to one.

Yeah I worked that out… The library version is different from the tidal version in the queue. I get that but when you’re on the album view and add an album to your library they swap in the library view. I guess they’re just navigating to the new view. Anyway, I upvoted the feature request.

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