[BUG] can't edit network parameters [Solved]

So despite the fact there’s an option to “edit network parameters” on storage, it appears completely non-functional. Please fix.

Hi @sm31

I’ve shifted this into Support for increased attention. Could you provide some details of your setup and what you are seeing or experiencing when attempting to use the feature ?

[quote=“andybob, post:2, topic:3916”]
Could you provide some details of your setup and what you are seeing or experiencing when attempting to use the feature ?[/quote]

Windows 10, accessing a Samba share from a NAS. When setup, when choosing “edit network parameters,” it doesn’t allow me to change the network path; it’s grayed out.

Perhaps that’s intended behavior, but if so, I think you should change it.

It should say “Edit Network Logins” as that is the functionality. Perhaps more functionality is coming in the future. I believe if you need to change the actual network path, the intended behavior is to remove that current share and then ADD a new one with the correct network path. I’m not sure of the real reason for this. But we could ask @mike.
In the meantime, I could guess that the network storage location is somehow tied into the database_ID for that particular album and all the edits you might do to it. I think that is why if you copy or move your music to a new location, you have to re-edit it all.

@Rugby +1
@sm31 I think it could be just a question of description / semantics : perhaps if the link you’re trying to edit is currently “in use” / live, then perhaps Roon doesn’t like you fiddling with it.
Have you tried to add a new Watched Folder (with associated path), then Disabled the original share, then tried to edit the original share’s path ?
Or perhaps just Disabled the original share first - before trying to edit the path ?
Just a suggestion…maybe worth a try…

Edit Network Parameters shares the same screen as Add New Folder. I think it is prudent to grey out the path of a folder in use. Any change to the path is likely to trigger a complete rescan of a library. I think I’d rather do that by explicitly disabling and/or deleting, rather than editing something accidentally. I have shifted a drive from a USB SMB on the router to a NUC style server. My recollection is I needed to Add New Folder rather than Edit the old.

No. It was actually a broken connection because the network path changed. Hence.

Ah, makes sense, but as I say - perhaps Roon doesn’t “know” that ? That link is already in your database / settings, so, perhaps Roon doesn’t actually check and just assumes it’s still actual / active.
Or, as it’s “broken” then it doesn’t work / truly exist, so there’s a logic-failure in the system - as you can’t “correct” something that doesn’t exist ? Just speculation.
Anyway, give all the suggestions a try, up to you.

Thanks for the input. I did, in fact, delete the connection, and recreate it. I just think that’s it’s an awkward UX.