BUG: Edits to Track Titles for Qobuz Albums are not being observed by Roon

Unfortunately there is a bug with editing track titles fro Qobuz streams. As you can see in attached screen prints, I have changed the Track Titles of certain tracks. The adjusted title is being shown on top of the edit window. But once I return to the Album, the track title remaisn unchanged.

This is not expected behaviour. I would appreciate if you could get this fixed.

Hi @bbrip,

There’s a bit of complexity here that explains why this is occurring.

On this album, it is not the Track Titles that are displaying, but the Part Names. When we display multi-part compositions, we display the Work Name as a header and then the Part Names for each track.

Part Names are not editable in Roon, so you cannot edit Part Names from streaming services.

If you were to disable Multi-Part Composition Grouping for this album you’d see that the track edits would be visible (because the Part Names would no longer be used).

I hope this helps to clarify things! If the editing of Part Names is something you’d like to see in Roon, I’d recommend posting in the #roon:feature-requests section of the forums.

thanks but no thanks. Plenty of other feature request to get done with first.

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