BUG: Focus Inspector on "Has PDF" returns wrong result for QOBUZ albums in the collection

If I use the Inspector to check where I am missing album PDF’s for my collections using the “Has PDF” filter, I noticed that ALL Qobuz albums that I have in my collection are showing up as not having a PDF, while most of them have.

As an example: Of the 122 albums shown on the attached screen-print, almost all have a PDF booklet but are listed as not having one.

This does not look like expected behaviour. Thanks for investigating.

I’m seeing the same behavior with Qobuz albums added to my library…

It’s because that Focus criteria for “has PDF” looks for an actual PDF file in your local storage. Qobuz files are streamed, and don’t exist as such in your local storage. It’s a known issue, and I think there’s a Feature Request to improve the PDF focus criterion for this use case.

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That makes sense. Hopefully the issue can be addressed.

@Geoff_Coupe The reason is clear to me. But it still makes no sense.

And it is course not a “feature request”. It is fixing a bug on an existing feature.
But whatever: Let’s get it fixed.

Hi @bbrip,

We currently have a ticket open with our development team about this. We can’t promise any specific timelines here, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Thanks for the report!

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Hi @dylan

Please can you update us on this ticket?
I am still seeing the same issue with Focus to identify albums from Qobuz that have PDF liner notes available.

Is there an update on this one? Seems to be still an issue …

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Yep agree, I’d like for this to work when my Qobuz sync works again!