BUG: Focus vs filter on performer discography giving different results

On the discography section of the page for Yo-Yo Ma, if I type Elgar in the filter I only get the one album.

Tried a few other performers and it seems to work fine.

I do have Qobuz and more than one recording of the Elgar Cello Concerto in my library

Also, see screenshot below.

There are certainly more recordings of the Elgar cello concerto in my library and on Qobuz. Only this one shows up.

Also, the 4 movements show up separately here - while they are correctly shown as 4 movements of one work when looking at the album itself.

Hello, I have similar result : only one Album, but another one!
To have several albums, try the Focus button :

On my system, it is difficult or impossible to have “view more” with composers because I have dates of birth and death for every composer… I’m still waiting for a reply about this problem.
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Same result my second post above.
And entirely different than when filtering for “elgar”

Something is not working @support

May not be specifi to Yo-Yo Ma after all

On the discography for Jacqueline Du Pre.

A focus for “Edward Elgar” as a composer brings up a much longer list of recordings compared to typing “elgar” in the filter

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i think this is specific to focusing on the discography of a composition. I’ve had a similar experience with La Gioconda, and the Callas recording, which is missing, even tho its available from both Qobuz and Tidal.


Could you comment?

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