BUG: Font Rendering Incorrectly in Album View

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini (2018, i7, 16GB), macOS 13.0.1 Roon 2.0 (1169)

Number of Tracks in Library

53,000 tracks

Description of Issue

In certain cases, in the Album View, when Roon is pulling the album title from the roon default, the album title displays using an incorrect (and possibly too large) font – however when changing that same album to utilize the title from the embedded file tag, the album title displays in the correct font.

Example of Display with Album Title from Roon Default:

Example of Display with Album Title from File Tag:

I have noticed this only with Bruce Springsteen live download file tags - but it could be happening with others as well - haven’t checked.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just posted about this as well as then I saw your post.

I notice this problem as well with both Album titles (with a all the Springsteen live albums like the one you show above), and also with Artist names such as Drive-By Truckers. I believe that it has to do with the specific type of hyphen used. Many other Albums and Artists with hyphens display with the correct font, but others like these do not.

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