Bug: graphical glitch when expanding artist bio in the presence of full screen artist picture

I’ve noticed this happening with all artists who have a bio and a full-size picture. When I expand the bio, a line appears at the bottom of the picture; this continues through the text making it look messy. It didn’t use to be like this but I’m not sure when it started. See screenshot below for an example.

Hi @extracampine,

Does this issue occur with multiple artists?
Is there any change in behavior if you reboot Roon?
Can you confirm you have the latest GPU drivers?

Hi @noris

Yes it seems to happen with all large artist images. I have rebooted Roon a few times but the problem persists.

I have the latest NVidia drivers (GeForce v457.30, release date 11/09/2020).

Hello @extracampine, and thanks for your report! I just wanted to let you know that we have a ticket in with our team about this issue. I can’t provide and timelines just yet, but we hope to improve this in the future!

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