BUG in discover page

Previous to last update (build 571):
clicking in one link in discover page showed the content, then going back showed the same discover choice, allowing to explore

going back automatically refresh the discover page choice. the selection is lost. this behavior does not allow to explore, making the “discover” quite useless…

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I’ve noticed this too. I find the Discover page to do a poor job elevating more obscure or forgotten albums and so it’s not terribly useful. The time I see the most interesting albums is when I first open Roon for the day and there’s a selection of titles on display. I see one that really interests me but before I can click on it the page refreshes!

The discover page tends to lean heavily on the Jazz in my DB, mostly the artists I listen to a lot already, or things I listened to in the past day or two or albums I just added yesterday. Very low quality results made even more maddening by the constant refreshing.

Also, they can get rid of the section at the top that tells us what the page is for. We know. Why take up space dedicated to a message that everyone has read hundreds of times? That top space is the most valuable space on a page. Use it for the purpose of the page. Not old news.

Yes, i forgot. when i access the discover page, it refreshes in less than a second. it’s another bug.

about the top part: i agree. i suggested (i think) somewhere to use it to show the random “quotation”. usually, when roon starts, i cannot read it before it vanishes.

and yes, i agree, the discover function does a poor job.
i think that someone has made a feature request about adding some filters to the selection. for example include/exclude labels, or periods, or genres. for example, a genre suggestion is meaningless…
they could be button filters similar to the new buttons “added” and “played” in the overview page (here again big top unused space…)

It’s always behaved this way for me. I believe it’s showing the cached discover page first then the server refreshes. Bummer.

there’s also no way to sample more than one selection from that single discover results page…it refreshes every time. I’ve stopped using it.

I’d prefer Discover to refresh once per 24 hours allowing me to listen to multiple items it’s unearthed throughout the day without getting a fresh set every time I return to it.

I’ve tried using a Bookmark to memorialize the selections but it too refreshes every time I select it.

I prefer it refreshing, I like a different view each time.

yes, but you can refresh manually…

no reply at all by the @support
Discover is now UNUSABLE

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Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

We have changes coming in the future that should resolve this, but I can’t provide any timelines just yet. Apologies for the continued troubles.

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