Bug: in Focus, label is case sensitive

ACT Music + Vision is sometimes written “Act Music + Vision”, sometimes “act music + vision”, and the Focus filter does not find all of them.

Plus it is difficult to edit the label, because the editing dialog shows all of them in all upper case.

And there is no way to declare them equivalent, like we can with Merge Artists.

I think the label focus should be case insensitive. In fact, I think all matches should be case insensitive — preserve case as written, but ignore on match.

I also would like Merge Labels. The ACT label is written in many ways, as is ECM and Deutsche Gramophon and others. This is what my bookmark filters look like:


Thank you for the report @AndersVinberg, appreciated. I am going to have our tech team look into this behavior an see what they come up with.

I will keep you update on their progress and will be sure to share their thoughts/findings ASAP.


Hi @AndersVinberg ---- Thank you again for your patience.

Continuing forward, our tech team has asked if you could please provide a screenshot of the “import settings” screen which can be located in the “library” tab. The team is interested to see what you have the “labels” field set for, “prefer roon” or “prefer file”.


I think this is all default, can’t remember hav8ng changed it.
But why wouldn’t the default be Roon?

But in any case, wherever the value comes from, matching should be case insensitive, shouldn’t it?

Hi @AndersVinberg ----- Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for the wait time. Your patience has been appreciated.

Continuing forward, I got some feedback from the team today in regard to this observation you have pointed out to me. As per the discussion, our DEVs are aware of this behavior and have plans to work on this in the future.

It is on the team’s radar and once it has been scheduled accordingly in regard to the other work we have planned, I will be sure to keep this thread up to date.