BUG in focus selections

My albums view, focus:

if i focus on classical (for example):

in the composers menu the “View More” button disappears.


Good spot. I am missing the composer “more” button even if I have no focus filters set.

I reported the same issue to support and they told me they are aware of it and there’s a ticket open.

In the Discography view, the focus does not show +/-, like in the My album view. Is this intentional or a bug? Also, the focus in the My Track view is displayed as a popup. In most other views it expands to the bottom.

I do not see this issue. Core is on a 2018 Mac mini and remote a 2018 MacBook Pro:

Yes. I see the same.

  1. NOT possible from Album view
  2. NOT impossible from Discography view
  3. Focus a pop up in track view but a dropdown in album view