Bug in iOS app re-connecting

I think there really is a bug in the iOS app, regarding re-connecting. About 10% of the time I open up my iPad (a 2017 10.5" iPad Pro connected on my 5 GHz network to the router my Core machine is plugged into via Ethernet) again, with Roon being the “active” app, it fails to re-connect. I have to kill the app and restart it to connect. Not a big deal, but it shouldn’t be happening.

My completely uneducated and ignorant guess (the best kind) would be: my core is (for the moment) running on an underpowered old Mac Mini, a Core 2 Duo machine. That makes it more susceptible to connection timeouts. I think there’s a bad code branch in the iOS app somewhere, which, when a timeout occurs, goes into a state which prevents the re-connect from ever succeeding. I could see that this might be hard to find in QA testing, where presumably you’re testing against spec’ed Core machines.

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Hey @Bill_Janssen — Thanks for sharing your observation with us, we appreciate your feedback!

May I ask that you please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

So we can gain some additional insight here, please also see the following:

  • Does this happen with only one remote device? Do other remotes exhibit this behavior?
  • Do you have any active firewall on the Core machine? If so, can you confirm that there are exceptions in place for Roon and RAATServer?


I know you have a script here, but I really don’t see what my network topology (other than what I’ve already described) has to do with the issue I reported. Perhaps you could explain? Ditto for firewalls. No other remotes to report on.

But the Mac Mini is running Ubuntu 16.04.

I’ve also noticed what seems to be the same behavior with the FilmStruck app on my iPad. Perhaps they share a common code substrate, and that’s where the bug is?

Hey @Bill_Janssen,

Knowing more about your network may provide some greater insight into why you may be experiencing the issue where you are unable to connect. Knowing if it happens with any other remote device (tablet, phone, MacOS or Windows computer) also helps to further identify where the problem may lie. If it happens with multiple devices this may point to networking difficulties.


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