Bug in letter display for the artist name slider [Ticket Open]

(I have reported this before, long ago – it is not a newly introduced bug.)

When moving the alphabetic slider for “albums by artist”, the system displays a two-letter marker, but the sequence is occasionally scrambled: from the start, it moves 2C, AL, ER, AN… What’s with the ER in there?

And later, I get BE, BE, NI, MA, BR, CH, CH, CO…

The duplicated markers are correct: the touch pad sliding moves in jumps, and I do have a lot of artists under CH. But the NI and MA are obviously incorrect.

Note that the albums are sorted correctly, it is just the letter display for the slider that is bad.

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Hi @AndersVinberg ---- Thank you for the report, I am able to reproduce this issue and have taken a ticket out for my developers to investigate.