Bug in Most played

First day of trial ongoing and already found bug :). I like the feature of Most played,especially because it counts listening time not track counts. However I noticed today,that when I started to listen one track and stopped playing soon after that, album suddenly topped to most played list like I have listed whole album. Additional functionality of this feature would be actual number of listening time.

Hi @Mika_Perttula and welcome to the Roon forums. The most played criteria has been discussed a few times on the forum. This post and thread might answer some of your questions, or raise others :wink: BUG (?): Artist sort by "Most Played" returns odd / meaningless results

Obviously,you didn’t read my message. Short glimpse of track listening should not cause a lot of listening time to the album in question.

Without being pedantic, it’s not a bug it works fine , just not as you expect. A bug is specifically something that is broken …

Maybe suggest a “spec” eg a play of greater than 30 seconds constitutes a play , guidance helps

Really? Didn’t I say I listened others albums before this ”problem child”. Suddenly this problem child is on top after 15 seconds of listening time.

I assume on day 1 of your trial you haven’t listened much via Roon. The algorithm for most played etc works on history . It gets “better with age” like a good wine

Without being sarcastic maybe review your thoughts on day 11 after 90 hours of listening I think you’ll see a big improvement in accuracy

Aah, it is not online data. Before this problem came up charts looked ok for me. It is very easy to check manually after five or so listened albums. Maybe showing the actuals would also help to verify stats accuracy

Room’s algorithms are their “secret” :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear their official statement here

Hi @Mika_Perttula,

As mentioned above, “Most Played” is determined by how much time the album has been played overall. This is determined by your play history in Roon only — Not previous playback from TIDAL or Qobuz.

Are there any albums that you played more in Roon than this album?

Like I said I listened this particular album 15 seconds or so. After that it bypassed all the other albums,which I listened a lot longer. I see this as sporadic error,because everything else looks ok. However this is annoying,because I can’t fix this obvious fault manually.

Are you able to find this play in History? Can you share a screenshot of the History page with this track included?

Yes, there is a single track of 10% listening status

Thanks, @Mika_Perttula. I’m going to check with the team on this. A couple more pieces of information that would help here:

  • A screenshot showing your albums in Most Played sort so we can see this album there
  • Please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link


I am becoming to understand,how this works. I have listened this record many months ago. Now,when I listened a short clip of the one song, it summarizes also previous data to this one, even though I decided to focus data to this month only.

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