Bug in recognizing versions of albums

I quirky bug, I have lived with the inconvenience for some time and only just realized it’s a bug.

I have been on a long project to add Qobuz versions to albums I have in either local or Tidal, and sometimes adding Tidal versions to local files if there is no Qobuz.

(The reason is that I sometimes travel and have settled on Qobuz for phone playback, and downloading Qobuz content for being away from network — but the reason is not relevant to the bug.)

A fairly common behavior is that I look at the local album, open the Versions tag, find a Qobuz or Tidal version that I don’t have in my library, in the black section. It is correctly identified as a version of the album.

But when I Add to Library, it sometimes isn’t recognized as a version. This is usually because I have edited the Album Artist or Primary Artist credits. Ok, seems reasonable that it isn’t recognized with a different artist. Maybe…

But that doesn’t make sense, since it was recognized as a version just a moment ago!

When I have one album, and there are others in Tidal or Qobuz that are not in my library, they are recognized even if metadata on the album library is edited. But as soon as I add one from Tidal or Qobuz to my library, it is no longer recognized.

Hi @AndersVinber,

I’d like to take a look at a specific example of this so we can better understand what you’re experiencing. For one example, can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing both before and after adding this different version?

To clarify, is the album that you added then “split” and shows as a separate album in your library? Or are you not seeing this new version at all?

I’ll have to replicate so I can give screen captures — all the cases where I had it I have fixed by now.

But what happens is roughly this.

  1. I am on an album, see Versions at Qobuz or Tidal I don’t have.
  2. I click Add to Library on one.
  3. (Usually this works fine)
  4. Sometimes, I think because I have edited the artist, nothing visible happens, the new version is not added to this album. The only change is that “Add to Library” disappears from that version.
  5. If I click on that version to see it, it is in the library, but nothing in the Other Albums by this Artist, because it is under another artist.
  6. Fixing it consists of doing the same edit as I previously did.

The artist edit I’m talking about may be removing “John Smith Trio” and instead putting in “John Smith” as Album Artist, and at the same time adding Alice Brown and Frank Robinson as Primary Artists.

Ok, here is a case. But in this case, it did not seem to be related to editing of artist names. I looked at several case where I had previously edited artist names, or did edit them now, and it did not misbehave. But in this case, it misbehaved without name editing. So my description before is probably incorrect.

Ok, so I have this album.

It’s a Tidal album (most of the time when I had this problem the library album was local, but apparently that was not relevant). It’s the only version in the library, the Qobuz version is identified as a version but has not been added yet:

I hit Add to Library. The Add to Library button disappears, but the version still shows on a black background, indicating it is sorta added, sorta not:

And if I click on that album, the Add to Library button is there:

I click on that button, and it changes to Focus on Similar, like it should:

But if I scroll down, on the right we see the two albums separate, not recognized as versions:

And sure enough, if I select the Tidal version and look at Versions, we see the Qobuz version on a black background indicating it is not viewed as a version of the Tidal album, and on the right they are shown as separate.

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