Bug: "New releases for you" showing a future album release

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Description of Issue

I just noticed that the the ‘New releases for you’ section is displaying an album that clearly states it is not available until 14th October.
Perhaps this is by design, but it does not seem that useful to me.

Unfortunately, this is fairly common practice of Qobuz to do this. You may find that a couple of tracks on the album are playable now - a sort of teaser for the upcoming album.

Thanks for response.

Is it not something that could just be filtered out though? Or suggestion, an option to switch-off pre-release tracks?

To be honest, it is such a minor thing, I should give up posting anymore! :smiley:

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Hey @eightninenine!!

Thanks for getting in touch! As @Geoff_Coupe mentioned this does happen more frequently as of late - the labels are trying to generate pre-release interest. A recent example was a Ry Cooder / Taj Mahal that had one track available.

If you can provide us with the Artist and Album Title we’d be happy to take a closer look. The jury seems to be split on these cases, some folks like to see the albums even if only a few tracks are streamable. Others, like yourself, prefer entire albums on those pages.

Hi 899,

Was one of the tracks released in advance?

I have several albums where a track released as a single months ahead of the album’s release, had the album show up with all the other tracks listed as unavailable except for the one single.

Both of you are correct. A couple of tracks available. A shame they can’t just use singles for this purpose.


This has been reported before:

It would be nice if Roon could tag such albums as “pre-release” and offer an option to hide them. Especially now that labels are doing this as standard operating procedure (grrr…).

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The labels do use singles, but they also “pre-release” albums on to streaming platforms. Some times these albums allow the singles contained within them to be played. Other times, somewhat confusingly, you can’t play the singles from the albums, only from the actual singles themselves.

I must say that I prefer the prerelease strategy. The downside, for me, with singles first, is that I first add ‘albums’ to my library with just one track, which I always delete after the whole album is released.
Just adding a whole album that slowly becomes available is easier for me.
But I must admit: making a whole album available at once would be my most preferred option.

I have a better one for you.
Qobuz release dated 19th August but was showing in Qobuz on 4th August I think.
And not one single track available!

Well that really is pointless.

I think it will only increase, with future release dates stretching further and further.

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