Bug: No entries are visible when I select the arrow down [Ticket In]

Description of Issue

Roon Version: 2.0 (build 1128)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a playlist test-playlist and add at least one song to this playlist
  2. Create a tag test-tag
  3. Select test-playlist and add test-tag to this playlist
  4. Select tags
  5. Select tag test-tag
  6. Select arrow down right to the label View all
  7. Error: No entries are visible when I select the arrow down

Yes, it should say “View all Tracks”. However, if you add just one track to that Tag, it will then display the track and the playlist.

I think there is a problem here. I made a new playlist of 35 tracks and tagged it with a new tag.

Notice how the description of the tag reads “, 1 playlist” and how there is an artefact displayed under View all…

Roon 2148


Add 1 single track to that tag. Go back and it will then say View all tracks.

I am agreeing with the OP, it is not correct behavior. I guess I didn’t say that directly, posting too late at night.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Herbert_Kaindl! And for confirming you experience it as well @Rugby and @Geoff_Coupe.

I’ve made a ticket for this and will bring it to the team for next steps :+1:

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