Bug? - Queue numbers not consistent

I’m not sure whether this is a bug, or that I’m not understanding how Roon works. Some clarification either way would be welcome.

The “3 dots” menu for the queue list offers 3 functions:

  • Add to a playlist
  • Add to a Tag
  • Export…

Now, I would expect that in all three cases, the number of items in the queue at a given point in time would be the same. However, when I looked at the result of trying all the menu options in quick succession, I got different numbers, viz:

What am I missing here? Thanks.

Damn, I think I’ve found it. I’ll bet that the missing items are Tidal items, and hence can’t be exported.

OK, just ignore me. If a moderator can delete this thread and save my red-faced embarrassment, I’d be ever so grateful…

But that doesn’t explain the difference between ‘add to tag’ and ‘add to playlist’, or does it??

It could very well be duplicates in the queue. Adding to a playlist will add everything. If there are duplicates, then it will only add the tag once.

That makes sense. Thanks, Daniel…