Bug? Remove from library changes browse view [Answered]

Rock version 1 build 227, roon 1.8 build 756

I just browsed and navigated through various works by a composer, was playing one and looking at the list of movements. I clicked on the plus symbol, thinking it might expand some info, but it added to favourites. So, I clicked on the three dots and removed from library, which it did, but instead of returning to the list of movements, the page I’d been on, it returned higher up the call stack to a list of works.

Hi, @Rob_Davis , sorry for a late reply. I am investigating your report. Could you, please, provide a video of the issue you are seeing? I am sorry but, I’m not sure that I fully understand what page is mentioned in these sentences:

Or maybe you could just post some screenshots, which will illustrate your steps?

Sorry for troubles.


I think the problem is perhaps that meta information for classical music isn’t shown. For instance, if I search for an jazz, folk, rock, pop artist then there is biographical information, if I click on an album from such genres then there is information and a critique of the album. However, if I search for a composer, or a performer or select an ‘album’ of classical music there is rarely any information shown.
Here is a screenshot of a Jazz Album with notes

And here is a screenshot of a classical album with no notes, even though the performer and the piece are well known with lots of published information about both:

Thanks, Rob
p.s. with regards to clicking on the plus symbol thinking it would show more info, perhaps it’s worthwhile having roll-over tool-tips show when hovering over anything that performs an action.

Here is a video to show the ‘bug’ in the way the interface behaves when I mistakenly clicked on the plus, which added to my library, the bug is what happens when I then remove from the library. I find I can’t upload the video directly to this reply so here’s a YouTube link:

Thank you for the detailed description you provided, @Rob_Davis . I should point out that current behavior is expected for now.

When you add an album to your library, Roon creates a separate page in the navigation stack. This new page is displaying an album which is in your library. From Roon’s point of view non-library and library state of an album are kind of different objects. So, when you remove this album from library, currently displayed data (version you have in you library) is no longer viewable.That’s why you “Album was delete” message. Nevertheless, you can use “<” button in the top-left corner to navigate back to a previous page saved in you navigation step.



OK, but the “<” doesn’t navigate back to the previous page, it navigates to the page before that. The previous page was the album I was viewing, not the listing of albums which took me to that album. The internals of Roon creating a separate page in the navigation stack are internals of no interest to a user, surely a user expects simply to return to the album they were viewing before taking the “add to library action”, not to the list of albums which preceded that step?

Thanks for the additional feedback, @Rob_Davis. I’ve passed this along to the team for consideration in the future.