Bug Report? Artist vs Composer not shown

I’ve posted in various threads about how search results seem to improve drastically for an artist once that artist is added to the library.

Here is a related experience I just had, which I think may result from the same cause:

—I had no John Prine in my library;

—I was listening to Keb Mo and it listed John Prince as similar; clicked on John Prine

—Only compositions were available. It’s hard to find a John Prine album from composer view. There was no toggle to switch to performer. It should have been at the lower right of the artist image, but it was definitely not there.

—Click on a composition and follow that trail until you find a John Prine album. Then add that album to the library.

—Back to John Prine’s composer page. Lo and behold the Artist/Composer toggle is now present!

I think this is why it’s hard to find albums sometimes by an artist that you don’t already have in the library. The toggle for Artist/Composer doesn’t pop until you get them in your library. At least some of the time.

Hi @James_I,

We currently have a ticket open with our technical team to investigate this behavior further. We’ll be sure to update you once we have more information available.

Thanks for the feedback!

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