Bug report: renaming playlists


Hi. I didn’t know where to post bug reports, so let me know if I should have done it elsewhere. I also searched the forum but didn’t see this particular bug – apologies if I missed it.

Here’s the bug: if you’ve already created a playlist, then hit the 3 vertical dots, then choose “edit”, you get a dialogue that allows you to rename the playlist. Unfortunately, that field enforces a maximum length that doesn’t exist elsewhere in Roon.


  1. I have a playlist named: Dance Classics - 80’s (~2006)
  2. I do the above procedure and try to rename it to: Dance Classics - 70’s & 80’s (~2006).
  3. It won’t let me, as it enforces a maximum length.

I haven’t tested whether the maximum length is absolute or tied to the specific length of the pre-existing name. I have replicated this multiple times, however, with multiple playlists and on different controllers (Windows PC, Android).

Current work-around: I select all the tracks, hit the 3 vertical dots in the top row, and select “Add to a Playlist”. That opens a new field that has no length restrictions, I type the new name, and it moves all the songs into it. I then go back and delete the original playlist.

I hope this helps,


You’re in the right place :smile:

@vova and I will have a look at this and get it into a bug report if we can reproduce. Thanks for letting us know!