Bug? - Roon Sort Misses an Album

Roon chose to play a track from one of my albums and it was one I’ve never played so I’m completely unfamiliar with it, “Invitation to the Dance”, Decca recording Decca SXL-2105. Later, I decided to look it up because I really liked it a lot and wanted to remember it. So I did a search on the title. Roon returned about five other albums with that title from Qobuz and from Tidal, but not the album I was looking for. Instead, I had to scroll to it in my database. I then tried a search on one of the tracks in the album and got nothing.

This is such a simple task that it’s hard for me to believe that Roon didn’t find my album, so I’m wondering if I did something wrong?

To find the release, go to My History to see the track, and therefore, the release the track was from.

Moreover, when searching for classical music, your search needs to be more precise than for popular music, e.g., “wolff invitation to the dance “. For me, this was the top result.

I often wondered where I could find the music that had been played on a given day. I now know to look in history. Thanks for teaching me something new!

Roon was able to find six other albums with “Invitation to Dance” as the title.

But it didn’t find the one and only title of that name in my music library that I was looking for. Here it is in the center.

Why couldn’t it find this one?

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If you click on More, is the specific album shown? The results look fine to me… if you’re seeking a specific release you need to give Roon a little more to work from.

Hi @Echolane,

As @Martin_Webster mentioned here, using more specificity is going to yield better search results in all cases, but especially with Classical recordings. Entering only ‘Invitation to the Dance’ in global search is going to return results that are also influenced by popularity.

In this specific case using the Filter function on your album page can be more effective, as the title you were looking for is in your library. When I’m wanting access to something I know to be in my library, I use filter rather than global search. Give that a try.

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More produces only track information, no more albums.

You need to click on More albums…


I accidentally poked the symbol of three little sticks or books (library) that sits to the left of the Filters box and up popped my album! The Filters box was empty so that was unexpected. What did I do?

How does one use filters? In this example what would you enter in the Filters box to look for that title?


I had only scrolled past the initial sort presentation and that revealed a selection of tracks. When I touched “more” the search returned LOTS more album titles, including the one I was looking for, so I learned something new and useful, thanks!

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Hi @Echolane,

When that button is highlighted it means that you’re only searching for selections in your library. The title you searched for wasn’t in your library, therefore it wasn’t returned by the search function.

To use Filter in the way I described, to search for albums within your library, go to your Albums page (1) and enter a search term in the Filter window (2). With this type of query Roon is only searching your library. Here I’ve searched for albums that Fritz Reiner is associated with.

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