[BUG][RoonBridge] wrong arguments for 'ps' command


Starting up RoonBridge (on Linux) goes to several shell scripts. The ‘/opt/RoonBridge/Bridge/RoonBridge’ starts the executable, but in case of an update available it tries to ‘kill -9’ the running processes first.

To do that it uses the following line:

for i in $(ps Auww -o pid,args | grep RAATServer.exe …

The problem is that ‘ps Auww’ is not supported on Linux, thus creating an error message.

When your fixing this, could you also please look at my earlier post on syslog identification? [RoonBridge] small request


what linux are you using? it seems there are like 4 flavors of ps out there that are incompatible with each other (this works on most)

@danny Are you sure this is not the BSD syntax?
This does not work on any of my Linux distros… Centos nor Debian. It did work for FreeBSD though.
I will try Slackware when I get home.

Looked this up since I’v long forgotten the details…

We used to do ps -Awwo pid,args – but that ran into issues with busybox based installs and the changes worked.

Let me look into a unified solution.


Would be great when you guys fix this to also have a look at my suggestion for a simple ‘SyslogIdentifier=’ statement in the systemd services file.


@danny any update on this? I see that with the latest release this is still the case.