[Bug] Shows playing track by position in playlist, not by track(id) [Ticket Open]

Found a bug. When the track starts to play, in playlist it shows by blue waves, lets say i started 3rd track. Then i change playlist to another one, but i still see these waves near the 3rd track in another playlist, which is not playing at the moment.

HI @Cooler ---- Thank you for the post and sharing this observation with us. The feedback is appreciated!

Moving forward, I just ran a quick test on my end to see if I could replicate the behavior mentioned in your report.

Test environment:

Remote = MacBook Air
Endpoint = B&WA7

I built two playlist from a very small local library I have access to and played the 3rd track in the first playlist. I then navigated to the second playlist while the track was playing and did not make the same observations ( i.e “i still see these waves near the 3rd track in another playlist, which is not playing at the moment.”). Screenshots below.

Playlist #1:

Playlist #2:

  • Can you give me some further insight into how you are triggering this behavior? Are your playlists made up of local content? TIDAL content? Both?

  • Does it still occur after you reboot your core machine?


Note: In your follow up please also be sure to include a brief but _accurate description of your setup so I know what gear you are working with :microscope:

oh, sorry, forgot to mention, it was in tidal. i can reproduce it like that:
go Genres -> Pop -> Any playlist. Start any track, go back select any other playlist.

Example, original plays Honest

I reproduced that on iMac (core+remote), and on Linux (core) custom server + macbook pro (remote).
Roon v1.4 (build 306)

Thank you for the insight @Cooler, confirming that I was able to reproduce this behavior with your instructions.

Continuing forward, I have opened up a ticket with our QA team for further analysis/testing.


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Hello @eric,
With surprise i realised today, that bug is still there. I have feeling, that it was fixed, or maybe i didnt check it for a while, maybe this is a regression bug.

Can you provide the status of this bug?

@dylan, anyone?